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02 February 2015

IMSH Presidential Citation Award

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Dr. John J. Schaefer, III, MD was awarded the Presidential Citation for his lifetime commitment to advancing simulation globally through innovations, collaborations and leadership.

27 October 2014

Collaborative Accomplishments: PCT CNA Skill Stations Pilot

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Greenville Technical College recently presented at a campus-wide faculty showcase event a poster outlining the successful implementation of simulation into skills training for PCT students. Members of the HCSSC team and the Greenville Health System (GHS) team were on hand at the GHS Simulation Center to support the novel simulation approach.

26 September 2014

In the News: SimMom Automatic Delivery Module

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WCIV News 4's Ava Wilhite reports on the development of SimMom's Automatic Delivery Module. She writes, "Pilots can simulate flight scenarios before they ever leave the ground. Now new technology lets doctors simulate mothers giving birth to help them prepare for delivery.

From her hospital identification band to her blue gown, hair net, and practiced deep breaths SimMom is ready for delivery. Professor of Advanced Anesthesiology Dr. John Schaefer is the developer of the Automatic Delivery Module, a technology developed at the Medical University of South Carolina."

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26 September 2014

Loading the ADM for SimMom

Written by Brian Getsinger, Posted in Frontpage

19 September 2014

SimMom ADM Sets Available for LLEAP

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Photo Credit Laerdal Medical

HealthCare Simulation South Carolina (HCSSC) is pleased to announce that five obstetric sets programmed for LLEAP and compatible with SimMom Automatic Delivery Module (ADM) are now available for purchase on Laerdal's SimStore. Obstetrics Vaginal Delivery for the Delivering Practitioner (full and sampler sets), Shoulder Dystocia for Delivering Practitioners, Obstetric Emergencies for Hospital Nursing, and Obstetric Care for Nursing Students are designed for delivering practitioners, hospital nurses, and nursing students. These sets cover delivery, labor assessment, and the most common obstetric emergencies. The checklists developed for each set have been derived from mainstream obstetric textbooks and literature.

SimMom ADM scenarios can run on new and existing Laerdal SimMom simulators using LLEAP in either automatic or manual delivery. All of our SimMom ADM sets feature:

  • Enhanced user interface
  • Objective-based debriefing with graded score and percentage of correct completed steps
  • Checklists derived from mainstream Obstetric textbooks and literature
  • Participant feedback and embedded multimedia
  • Complete learning units, many featuring skill stations

The creation of SimMom ADM stemmed from the need to enhance SimMom manual delivery simulations and eliminate operating costs. Previously, performing SimMom deliveries manually required two facilitators - one to lead the simulation as an instructor, and an additional facilitator to manually deliver the baby. This hindrance inspired Drs. Simmons and Schaefer to begin testing automatic birthing mechanisms in the their own garage with PVC piping, eventually leading to further collaboration with Laerdal Medical. With it's humble (yet promising) beginnings, HCSSC is proud to see SimMom ADM and our featured scenarios available on the SimStore. Now, with SimMom ADM, each HCSSC programmed scenario can be run with a single facilitator, cutting costs and increasing efficiency through standardization. 

View the full sets on our course catalog. If you are a HCSSC collaborative partner and would like to find out if SimMom ADM would suit your institution's needs, please contact Mac Houck. Interested in becoming a collaborative partner? View the perks of joining the Collaborative and feel free to contact our team for additional information. 

Further information regarding SimMom ADM can be found on Laerdal's SimMom page. Also, check out Laerdal's teaser and instructional videos (featuring our own Dr. Simmons) on Laerdal's birthing simulation YouTube page

Photo Credit Laerdal Medical

Healthcare Simulation South Carolina - increasing clinical effectiveness and patient safety one simulation at a time. Find us on facebook and Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter @HealthCareSimSC.

21 July 2014

Welcome Wilkes Community College

Posted in Frontpage, Collaborative Partners

The HealthCare Simulation South Carolina Collaborative is growing. We would like to welcome our newest partner, Wilkes Community College of Wilkesboro, North Carolina. The two-year institution is a part of the North Carolina Community College System, engaging students all throughout the state and beyond. WCC is a public community college that strives to provide quality education through innovation and zealousness. The school offers Health Science students opportunities in a wide array of programs ranging from an Associate Degree in Nursing to Radiography. WCCs goal is to integrate simulation into various academic curriculums giving students the opportunity to gain important exposure to real life situations.

Their vision and expertise fit hand in hand with that of the HCSSC Collaborative and we are excited to have them join our family. Make sure to say hello when you see them at the Annual Symposium, July 31st – August 1st. Visit https://www.healthcaresimulationsc.com/index.php/services/annual-symposium to reserve your seat next to Wilkes Community College.

01 May 2014

Collaborative Accomplishments

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

SimPad Scenario Sets Now Available! These include ACLS, Med Admin A & B, IV therapy, Infection Control, NG tube, Respiratory, cardiac, neuro, endocrine competency sets, Nursing Care of Central Venous Access Devices. More are in development!

Browse the Course Catalog

3rd Collaborative Partner Annual Symposium
Dates: July 31st and August 1st
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Hosted By: Trident Technical College

Topics include educational and technical tracts with many of you from across the state presenting. This multidisciplinary symposium continues to be a great success and we look forward to it being even better this year! Contact hours will be applied from SCNA.

Read More about Symposium

01 May 2014

New Collaborative Partner Service Coordinator: Robert Delgado

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

Welcome Robert “Bob” Delgado BOOST Collaborative Partner Service Coordinator

Robert DelgadoBob joins our team as the collaborative partner service coordinator for the BOOST project. He started his career in the OCIO as a system engineer. He then moved to a clinical/technical role as a system analyst supporting: (Oacis, McKesson, EDTB, CeHa, CPOE, AdminRx, ClinDoc, and on-call applications).

Bob is a native of Charleston and graduate of West Ashley High, Trident Technical College, Charleston Southern University, and Southern Wesleyan University. Some of Bob’s interests include: (computer science, health informatics, system development, EMR/EHR implementation, and simulation technology).

01 May 2014

Innovation Spotlight

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

Barbara Nickels MSN, RN and Lee Martin MSN, RN at Greenville Technical College with staff from the Healthcare Simulation South Carolina pilot tested the use of SimPads and cooperative check-offs for practice of required skills for certification as a nursing assistant. Twenty two students participated in the pilot. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from students and faculty. There were 10 stations and 15 minutes allotted for check offs (both participants). Programmed menus developed by Dr. Fran Lee, DBA, CHSE and Sylvia Hanckel, Sim Specialist allowed for scoring and immediate feedback at each station.

Karen Rogers MSN, RN at Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC created a sentinel event scenario to allow senior nursing students to complete a root-cause-analysis (RCA). Objectives included describing and discussing a root cause analysis, proposing measures to reduce harm to the patient, identifying and discussing legal issues related to nursing actions, and demonstrating direct and accurate communication with team members. Support was received from Jenny Chapman-Bullock MSN, RN Simulation Lab Director, and Ellen Lynch MSN, RN.

01 May 2014

Teresa Atz PhD, RN

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

Teresa Atz PhD, RNDr. Teresa W. Atz is an Assistant Professor for the MUSC College of Nursing and the Assistant Director of the MUSC Simulation Center. Dr. Atz began her career at MUSC as a research nurse for pediatric cardiology at MUSC Children’s Hospital working with the NIH/NHLBI’s Pediatric Heart Network. She was a unit educator for the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Step-down Unit and Same Day Observation Unit and has held many adjunct positions in the undergraduate program at MUSC.

Teresa has also developed medical-surgical and pediatric simulations along with Dr. Nancy Duffy for the Healthcare Simulation South Carolina. Teresa is using simulation to bridge the readiness to practice gap for new graduate nurses transitioning into their new role. She is the Principle Investigator for the Lewis Blackman Research group, a new international simulation research collaborative.

04 November 2013

New Simulation Specialist at Trident Technical College

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

justin-owensJustin Owen is the Simulation Laboratory Technologist for the Nursing Programs of Trident Technical College.  Mr. Owen received his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008. From 2010-2013 he served as Director of Medical Technologies at the Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies where he oversaw the expansion of simulation offerings through additions to high fidelity simulation, video debriefing technologies, and improvements to organizational systems. Most recently he has been helping to prepare for the relocation of TTC’s Nursing laboratories to their new facility, seeking novel ways to utilize simulation technology, and working with faculty in simulation. In his free time Mr. Owen can be found spending time with his wife Julie and their dog Jacko, playing ukulele, and fishing.

31 October 2013

Jenny Chapman Bullock RN, MSN

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

jennifer-chapmanJenny is the Simulation Center Director at Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC.  Her educational background includes a BA in Biology from Bloomsburg University, BSN from the University of Maine, and a MSN from the University of Phoenix.  Previous clinical work includes the NICU, medical/surgical nursing, ortho/neuro, and the emergency room.  Her hobbies include walking/jogging, reading, Goodwill bargain hunting, appropriate sarcasm, and herding cats. Jenny has served as an organizer for the South Carolina Nurses Foundation Nurses Care walk in Charleston. She enjoys providing a realistic and challenging experience that prepares the student to perform successfully in the clinical setting.

14 October 2013

First Annual Collaborative Partners Nursing Workshop Held

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

First Annual Collaborative Partners Nursing Workshop Held

The first annual collaborative partners nursing workshop was held on April 26th, 2013 at the MUSC Simulation Center. The workshop was approved for 4.5 contact hours and was well attended by nursing educators from across the state. The workshop provided a chance for the faculty to share their special simulation projects and review new simulations available from HCSSC. Lunch was provided by Pocket Nurse. Topics included cultural diversity, unfolding case studies, NCSBN study, leadership and capstone simulations, and competency based simulations.

Evaluations were very positive and the nursing workshop will be repeated on an annual basis.

Pictured: Barbara Nickles, Laurie Pufpaff (Greenville Technical College), Erin McKinney (USC-Cola), Nancy Duffy (MUSC-CON), Melanie Cason (HCSSC), Mary Ann Jarmulowicz (USC-Beaufort), Tracy Fasolino (Clemson), and Teresa Atz (MUSC-CON)

11 October 2013

Innovation Spotlight: Paula McNelis, RN

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

Innovative Spotlight Simman Ride

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC)
For integrating student centered learning activities into simulation, components included:

  1. Completed homework regarding topic as ticket to entry for skills lab.
  2. Teams of two at each task trainer for hybrid simulation.
  3. Instructor informs students that one team will be randomly chosen to summarize the information prior to simulation.
  4. Students self-assign in pairs as A or B.
  5. Students present what they learn to each other using homework questions.
  6. Team randomly chosen to present, summarizes for whole group.
  7. Hybrid team practice to 100% mastery of procedure.
  8. Role playing. One student takes the role of patient expressing fear regarding the procedure, the other student is the nurse responding therapeutically and obtaining permission to perform the procedure.

11 October 2013

Course Editor Hired

Written by Healthcare Simulation South Carolina, Posted in Frontpage

Nicole PapstAs of February 2013, Nicole T. Papst joined our team as the Administrative Assistant for Course Development. Mondays through Fridays you can find Nicole in MUSC's Harborview Tower amongst stacks of papers and various style guides as she edits and develops materials for HCSSC. In her spare time, Nicole volunteers at MUSC Children's Hospital and is often found on the peninsula walking her dog, Rile

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