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27 October 2014

Collaborative Accomplishments: PCT CNA Skill Stations Pilot

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Greenville Technical College recently presented at a campus-wide faculty showcase event a poster outlining the successful implementation of simulation into skills training for PCT students. Members of the HCSSC team and the Greenville Health System (GHS) team were on hand at the GHS Simulation Center to support the novel simulation approach.


09 July 2013

Developing a Simulation Curriculum Roadmap

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

The View from the Road

Developing a Simulation Curriculum Roadmap

Each school of nursing is different, with variations in course length, curriculum structure, clinical requirements, and available resources. Does your school have a strategic plan in place for the use of simulation? Is there a vision for the future? Does all faculty use simulation? Are they required to? Or is simulation viewed as an accessory for learning skills and not a mandatory requirement?

31 October 2013

Evaluation Instrument Article

Written by Melanie L. Cason MSN, RN, CNE, Posted in Frontpage, Nursing

A method for assessing the reliability of simulation evaluation instruments

This article provides information on how to assess the reliability of several simulation evaluation instruments.

Here is the full reference:

Adamson, K. A., & Kardong-Edgren, S. (2012). A method and resources for assessing the reliability of simulation evaluation instruments. Nursing Education Perspectives, 33(5), 334-9. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1086347579?accountid=458

07 October 2014

Making a Better Manikin

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FRD News - Promising technology born at the Medical University of South Carolina Healthcare Simulation Center is now available as an improvement to Laerdal Medical’s SimMom, a manikin that simulates childbirth for medical training. The MUSC Foundation for Research Development filed the patent application for the adaptation and exclusively licensed it for commercial purposes to Laerdal, which recently made the new module available to the public.

“Simulation offers an effective way to train medical students and other health care professionals for real-life situations, ultimately producing better patient outcomes,” said FRD Executive Director Michael Rusnak. “This enhancement of SimMom’s capabilities will improve obstetrics training worldwide and is yet another accomplishment for MUSC’s Healthcare Simulation Center, which has quickly emerged as a leader in the evolving field of medical simulation.”


14 October 2013

What is Validity?

Written by Gregory E. Gilbert, EdD, MSPH, PStat, Posted in Frontpage, Research

Research Question


The extent to which any measuring instrument measures what it is intended to measure. One validates, not a test, but an interpretation of data arising form a specified procedure (Cronbach, 1971).


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